Driving Growth and Expansion with Customer-Centric Approach

FPC CARGO shall continue to invest its time in market research and in-depth studies with its customers and partners to grow and expand to the neighbouring regions of East Africa. The goal is to achieve jointly with First Priority Cargo as a one-stop shop to Africa.

FPC Cargo has been in business from 2020 and is rapidly growing, thanks to our local and global customers who have placed utmost confidence in us and our air cargo solutions. In sync with customer needs, we create solutions that are seamless, that are efficient and makes perfect business sense. We firmly believe that seamless logistics makes life easier and helps businesses grow. We make that happen with utmost professionalism, technological inputs and customer-intuitiveness.

Customer feedback is something we take very seriously. Any feedback / suggestion we take into account and make the necessary changes, all in the spirit to improve and excel in our service deliverables. Customer service is something we never compromise on.

For us at First Priority Cargo, our staff is our family. They are the backbone of the company. They are utmost professionals. We believe, if they grow, the company grows.

We stay abreast of times, constantly updating our technology systems. We have recently launched ‘track and trace’ software, first of its kind to help customers keep track of their cargo. We take pride to announce that this software has been developed by our in-house team which has worked for a year to achieve this mere impossible App. Our digital footprint continues to expand, all to ensure that customers benefit the most.